How It Works

How It Works

You can rent your jewelry for as long as you need, whether its for a weekend away or for a night out on the town. Going on vacation? No Problem..Rent your jewelry for up to 8 days, with only 3 days rental charge!

Its as simple as counting to four..

  1. Select your date- use our calendars to reserve your jewelry for the time frame you need
  2. Receive your jewelry- two days before your event through you local post office
  3. Look Amazing- own the room and take lots of pictures!
  4. Return the jewelry- the next business day after your event/rental period using the prepaid packaging at your local post office

Once your jewelry is shipped to you through the post office, you will receive shipping/delivery confirmation and tracking.

Major credit cards are accepted for payment reservations through PayPal.

Basic Terms and Conditions*
Its will not be charged anything until after you go to your event! 
When you book your jewelry dates, we will reserve the rental fee and the security deposit of $100 on your credit card.  Once the jewelry is safely back to us, the security deposit will be removed and you will only be charged for your rental.

For complete Terms & Conditions and legal notices, please visit the
Terms & Conditions” section under the main menu item “About Us.”